Horses have been unsung heroes for centuries. There’s just no end to the new things you could learn about these amazing creatures as you spend more time with them.

And where better than right here, at DARC?

That’s right, gather your favorite people and come on over! We’ve got over 90 horses and ponies in our stables, so you’re never going to run out of opportunities to discover all the quirks of our horse friends and BOND with them. Trust us, no two horses are the same 🐴

Most of our horses have been donated by their previous owners all the way from countries like Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. As they have lived all their lives around people, they’re extremely friendly and eager to meet everyone!

DARC aims to lead the way in promoting the sport of horseback riding to people from all walks of life!

DARC strives to lead the way in making equestrianism a way to a healthier lifestyle while keeping it budget-friendly.

DARC boasts several types of AFFORDABLE classes for riders of every level. Horseback riding is no longer a sport for the privileged few!

Join us for a change of pace, get away from your daily stresses, build confidence and unwind while getting a good workout from it all!

With 14 experienced trainers and an ever-expanding number of horses through our very own breeding program, there’s plenty of room (and furry friends) for everyone!

Horseback Riding Lessons

Our lessons are available to members and non-members!

We currently offer a Beginner’s Package consisting of:

  • 1 x Horse Care & Management session
  • 10 x 45-minute lessons

Along with your assigned trainer, these one-to-one lessons will take you through the basics of horsemanship. 

With this package, riders will be taught how to establish balance and rhythm, how to mount and dismount, how to hold the reins, walk and trot. Once you’ve gone through this basic package, our trainers will be assessing your riding competence before proceeding to the more advanced levels and disciplines like dressage!

Riding Packages

Horse Riding Facilities

DARC has excellent riding facilities that offer a comfortable and safe environment for both rider and trainers. 

Riding Gear

Riders attending classes are encouraged to dress in appropriate riding gear for maximum safety and comfort. These include:

  • Riding helmet (long hair to be tied back, no clips!)
  • Riding boots
  • Comfortable blouse or t-shirt
  • Long pants (better yet, jodhpurs)
  • Body protector
  • Riding gloves (optional)
  • No jewellery!